1) What is the status of the investigation by the Chester County District Attorney (CC DA) and the forensic auditor?

We have had status updates twice a month at public Board of Supervisors meetings.  When this all started in late April, we were told by the CC DA that it would be until at least late September / early fall, IF there weren't any slow downs due to obtaining records from banks and other avenues.  This investigation is lead by the CC DA and once they make an announcement, then we will know and the Board of Supervisors will send out as much information as we can, when we can, by presenting and discussing it at a public meeting, as we have done these past 6 years on many topics.  Until then, the CC DA has told us not to comment or speculate, so we haven't.  It may be frustrating for all concerned, but it is important in something this serious to maintain our legal system's integrity.

2) Why has (per my opponent) $7 million been decreased from the township fund balances over 6 years?

When I was first elected to office 6 years ago, the township had over $10 million dollars in the bank; literally in the bank, earning 0.3-0.4%. I thought it a better investment to preserve land as open space in Kennett Township than receiving a pittance from a bank in interest.  About $5 million of the decrease in money was in the preservation of 380 acres of land.  So if you want to preserve land in Kennett Township, it costs money.  Thus, if my opponent criticizes me for investing the township's money to preserve open space, well, I can handle that type of criticism.  

We also received many private (including one for $1.25 million from Mt. Cuba in Delaware!) and public grants for open space and trails which lessen the cost to the township.

Importantly, as with all lands that we've preserved since I've been elected there is public access and trails, unlike during the prior administration (to which my opponent seems to be a recent inductee).

After a review of our township residents needs and priorities, we've set a goal of 30% of Kennett Township to be preserved.  So there is more to preserve for future generations!

3) When I was first elected to office 6 year ago, the township permitted the decline by neglect of a historic house which was part of the underground railroad.  I felt it important to preserve a small part of the history of Kennett, Pennsylvania, USA.  Thus, we invested in by purchasing, stabilizing and "brought new life" (per the Chester County Press) to the Fussell House, also known as The Pines.  It would be a shame to lose all of Kennett's history, but especially that aspect of our nation's history.  My opponent would apparently like to erase that part of our history; I'd like to preserve the valor of those who struggled against the darkest parts of it.  

4) When I was first elected to office 6 years ago, the township had a county-owned, historic bridge closed for 3 years already (and an 8-ton limit for 30 years, preventing safe emergency vehicle access).  We held numerous meetings on the topic, listened to the options presented and the residents voices, and now we are in the process of preserving the 100-year old, historic Chandler Mill Bridge which is part of our heritage.  As a bonus, we also gained a new 45 acre preserve.  Instead of having a standard PennDOT 2-lane wide bridge attracting traffic onto a narrow winding road, people and bicycles can use it.  It has taken longer than hoped to get started, but the preservation of our history is important to me and I believe most of our residents.  My opponent would have you believe that destroying this historic bridge and opening up a scenic winding road to heavy traffic is a desirable outcome; I don't.