My opponent would have you believe that Kennett Township is responsible for all of your property taxes.  He would have you believe that Kennett Township is responsible for most of your property tax bill, that simply isn't true.  For a property owner, the Kennett Township 2.3 mil rate is about 6% of the total property taxes a resident pays.  Put another way, for

every $100 of your property taxes in 2019, only $6 goes to Kennett Township.  

Here are the actual numbers in a table for 2019, which are the basis for your total property taxes paid:

  per thousand assessed value (mil rate)      
Kennett  School District 30.9497   (2019-2020 school year)      
Chester County 4.3690            
Kennett Township 2.3 6.11% of total property taxes for Emergency Services (Police, Fire, Ambulance) 1.9, Library 0.2, General 0.2
Total Property Tax Rate 37.6187            


In 2018, the property tax rate was raised for the first time in a long time from a very low 0.4 mil to 2.3 mil, mainly to pay for our for our expansion to a 24-hour a day/7-days a week Police Department.  This was intended to be a one-time increase.  In fact, that has been the case so far, as in 2019, property taxes were NOT raised by Kennett Township.


Even after the property tax increase Kennett Township still receives twice as much from Earned Income Taxes.

The local taxes paid to keep Kennett Township running come from:

1) Earned Income tax paid by residents and non-residents (0.5% rate)

2) Earned Income Open Space tax paid by residents (0.25% rate)

3) Property taxes paid by owners of property (2.3 mil rate, with 0.2 general and 1.9 emergency services, and including 0.2 library)


From discussion of this topic at meetings in 2018, the total taxes and police departments' coverages in neighboring municipalities shows that Kennett Township taxes are now in the general vicinity of its neighbors, the year we began to have full time police coverage from Kennett Township. 

Finally, we don't have a "Local Services Tax," unlike surrounding municipalities.